25 APR 2019 — «today was a religious festival» Church holidays today 25 April 2019


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However, only if you do it right. But if you break the rules of fasting, you can harm your body. What are these rules? So,what are these principles:as you know, during lent it is necessary to refuse from food of animal origin. But it is better to do it gradually, so it was not so stressful for the body. Therefore, it is better to start fasting a little earlier. First, exclude the meat from the diet, and after the fish and so on.In any case, your diet should be balanced and contain all the necessary elements.

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Therefore, it is necessary to think about the correct replacement of products. More information about this can be found in the picture above.Before you decide on a post, be sure to visit a doctor who will give advice and tell you whether it is worth it at all to start.Try to drink more fluids during this period. Jelly, compote, water, tea and so on. But alcohol is desirable to exclude from the diet.It is desirable to eat small portions several times a day.

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Birthday 25 April 2019 25 April 2019 nameday of Anfisa, Vasily, Galaktion, David, Ivan, Maria, Martha, Matthew, Sergei