25 April 2019 — «Holidays today» — What day is it?


April 25, 2019 — Thursday, the 115th day of 2019 in the Gregorian calendar. 25 April corresponds to 12 April Julian calendar (old style).Great postpractice 25 April 2019 in Rossiiprazdnik 25 April 2019 in Russia — no.Holidays 25 April 2019 to Ukrainepresident 25 April 2019 in Ukraine — no.World and international holidays April 25, 2019 international DNA Day. Every year, April 25 in different countries of the world celebrated an unusual holiday – international DNA Day (DNA Day), in recognition of the importance of genetics and scientific achievements made in this area. This date was chosen in memory of the fact that April 25, 1953 in the journal Nature scientists James Watson and Francis Crick together with Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin published the results of the study of the structure of the DNA molecule. Exactly 50 years later, on 25 April 2003, it was announced that the project to decode the human genome was nearing completion. Additional analysis of some parts of the genome is still under way, but the main work on the project has been completed. Determining the structure of human genes is an important step in the development of health care.World malaria day. World malaria day is celebrated on 25 April. This day was established by the world health organization in may 2007. It is dedicated to promoting global efforts to combat malaria — a dangerous disease in the tropics. Malaria is most common in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Malaria infection occurs through the bite of a special mosquito — malaria. According to statistics, every year 350-500 million people are infected with malaria, of which 1 to 3 million people die.International daughter’s day. A logical continuation of a series of family holidays, when honored mother, father, son, brothers and sisters is the daughter’s Day (daughter’s day). the date of celebration of daughter’s Day is April 25. The main task of the organization of the daughter’s Day is to attract the attention of the state and society to the problems of teenage girls, to assist them in the process of socialization through familiarization with various professions, psychological and legal assistance in overcoming their age, as well as personal problems.World penguin day. World penguin Day (World Penguin Day) is an annual ecological festival dedicated to one of the most unusual birds in the world. It is celebrated on April 25. The date of the world penguin day was not chosen by chance. Every year in March or April, the Emperor penguins migrate to the mainland to mate and hatch eggs, although they live on the ice around Antarctica for the rest of the year. The date of the holiday was chosen so that it fell on the period of migration of penguins.Orthodox holidays April 25, 2019 April 25, 2019 in the Orthodox Church: Holy week. holy Thursday. Memory Of The Last Supper. Lent, Lenten day.Established the following observances:a Day of memory of St. Basil the Confessor, Bishop Parijskij;the Day of memory of the Holy Martyr Zeno Vereyskogo, Bishop;the Day of memory of St. Isaac the Syrian, in Spoleto Italic;Day of remembrance of the martyrs of Mines, David and John;the Day of commemoration of Unfussy Virgo;the feast Day of St Athanasius Aginskoe, abbess;the Day of memory of Saint Sergius Krestnikova, novice;Murom; Belynichi — icons of the Mother of God.National holidays 25 April 2019 Godavari Bathers. Folk festival «Vasily Bathers» is celebrated on April 25 (old style – April 12). In the Orthodox calendar it is a day of commemoration of St. Basil, Bishop of Paris, Confessor. Other names of the holiday: «Basil», «Basil pariiskii», «the Forest feast», «Comoedia». On this day the bear comes out of the den. Waking up the devil. Best thing to Wake the trees from winter hibernation. Vasily pariysky lived in the eighth century in the city of Paria (modern Turkey). With the advent of the Christian faith in the city founded the bishopric. One of its Ministers, the townspeople chose him. During the reformation, he resolutely stood up for the protection of Holy icons, openly professed faith in Christ and protected his diocese from heretics. For their actions, Vasily suffered persecution, rude insults and humiliation on the part of the followers of heresy. He had to wander for the rest of his life. He spent his days in sorrow. But until the last days, not for a moment did not allow the thought of infidelity of his life’s path. The Russian people, as often happens, changed the nickname of the Saint and began to call him a Vaper. The explanation was found quickly. «Basil spring the earth floats», — noticed the peasants. The earth was sometimes animated; in this case, it was said: «Steams like an old woman in the bath.» If the proverb was justified, and the sun really warmed the soil well, you could count on a good harvest. Basil, according to legends of our ancestors, bears come out of the den, right in the bushes hiding. In old times bear in many places was called berloznik. About the day Basil said, «don’t go this day into the woods, where the old Kosmach woke up, the turf expands, with hunger to the larvae but to slugs gets Syritsa». Even hunters in this day in wood walk were afraid, to not stumble on a hungry half-asleep bear. Rabbits, too, at this time «at the hearing, were» to bear inadvertently allowed, and ran only during the day. To scare the hare, the hunters would say, «Hare, hare, jump out of the Bush.» However, life at hares easy wasn’t — if the person doesn’t shoot, will catch a predatory animal. «Bunny gray has seen troubles», — said about them, replaced the white winter pelt on a gray spring. On April 25, they prayed to Saint Basil for strength and courage, as well as for deliverance from diseases. Widows and abandoned girls, women who wanted to get rid of longing for a man, at dawn had to go to the water and read a special conspiracy, and then spray the face with his left hand. The water that was spoken for in a special way on Basil Bathers, improved health. It was drunk and washed.

Holidays April 25, 2019 in the countries of the world holiday in Italy April 25, 2019 — the Day of liberation from fascism. Day of liberation from fascism and German occupation (Festa della Liberazione) during the Second world war — the national holiday of Italy. On April 25, 1945, the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini fled Milan, and a new era began in the history of the country — the movement of armed resistance and the struggle for democracy. In April 1945, a General strike and an armed uprising began in German-occupied Northern Italy. Partisans and rebels in bloody battles liberated hundreds of cities in Northern and Central Italy before the arrival of allied troops.Holiday in Iceland April 25, 2019 — girls ‘ Day. The first day of the month of Harpa according to the ancient Icelandic calendar is the First day of summer (First Day of Summer / Sumardagurinn Fyrsti). If the previous two months were devoted to the spouse, respectively, the meeting of the first summer month entirely belongs to unmarried girls. The origin of the name of the month Harpa’s been lost for centuries, but with a light hand of the romantics of the 19th century, harp was featured in a young girl, the daughter of Torrey and Goa — the last winter months. By the way, according to one version, Harpa is considered the female name of one of the forgotten goddesses.Holiday in Vietnam April 25, 2019 — the Day of remembrance of the kings of hung. In 2007, Vietnam officially established a new public holiday — the Day of remembrance of the kings of the Huns. It falls on the tenth day of the third lunar month, according to the Gregorian calendar, this date usually falls on April. According to legend, the kings of the Hungi (hungvyongi) were the rulers of the first state of Viet Nam in the territory of modern Vietnam, which was called Vanlang. The Hong-Bang dynasty — the kings of the Huns — is a semi-mythical, its history is taken to lead from the mythical Kinzuong-Wong, also known as hung zuong. The korogi of the Huns were military and spiritual leaders of the viets. The dynasty of Hong Bang had 18 rulers, the first of which came to the throne in 2879 BC Reign hungvuong ended in 258 BC when Vanlang was defeated an Duong by wyanga. In modern Vietnam, the reality of the existence of the kings of the Huns is not questioned, they are devoted to many historical works. The date of the Day of commemoration of the kings of the Huns is not related to any specific historical event.Holiday in Egypt April 25, 2019 — the Day of liberation of Sinai. In Egypt, the Day of liberation of Sinai is celebrated annually on April 25. On this day in 1982, the Sinai Peninsula was abandoned by the last soldiers of the Israeli military forces, who had occupied Sinai since 1967. The liberation day of Sinai is a national holiday in Egypt.A holiday in Portugal on 25 April 2019, the Day of freedom. Every year on April 25, Portugal celebrates freedom Day (liberty Day / Dia da Liberdade). In 1974, on this day in Portugal began the anti-fascist Revolution of red carnations, culminating in the fall of the regime of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (Antonio de Oliveira Salazar), under the yoke of which the country was more than forty years. By the way, the rebels did not use violence to come to power, so the revolution is considered bloodless, although it took the lives of four people killed by government forces.Holiday in Australia April 25, 2019 — ANZAC Day — defender of the Fatherland Day.Anzac Day is celebrated annually in Australia and New Zealand on 25 April. In Australia, this holiday is also known as defender of the Fatherland Day, and in New Zealand it is also called memorial Day for soldiers defending the Fatherland. ANZAC stands for «Australian and new Zealand Army Corps». That is the name of the forces of the national army of Australia and New Zealand. Anzaki, usually abbreviated as ANZAC soldiers passed his first baptism of fire in the battle on the Gallipoli Peninsula during the Dardanelles operation. In Gallipoli battle anzaki failed, then killed more than 8.5 thousand Australian and more than 2.5 thousand new Zealand soldiers. Despite this, the soldiers of ANZAC became for their country an example of courage and patriotism, willingness to pay with their lives for peace in their Homeland. For the first Time Anzac day began to celebrate in 1916 in Australia, and since 1920 this holiday began to celebrate in New Zealand. At first, this day was dedicated to the memory of Anzac soldiers killed in the First world war. After world war II, Anzac Day began to honor the memory of all the soldiers who died in military conflicts involving Australia and New Zealand.Holiday in New Zealand on 25 April 2019 — ANZAC Day. New Zealand does not celebrate victory Day, as is customary in Russia and other CIS countries. April 25 in New Zealand celebrate ANZAC day — the Day of memory of soldiers defending the Fatherland. On this day, remember the soldiers who died in all the wars in which the country took part. First of all, we are talking about the battle of Gallipoli in Turkey (Battle of Gallipoli).

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